We're helping lots of needy people because of your help

The Numbers Tell the Story

Last year, thanks to your generosity, the San Bernardino City Mission was able to provide:

  • 2,905 hot meals
  • 51,350 Food Boxes
  • 1,443 sack lunches
  • 33,782 Bag of Hope meals
  • 6,090 items of clothing


Meanwhile, here's how we're spending your generous donations:

Pie chart showing City Mission expenditures


Here are some other statistics you may find surprising:


  • As of 2014, the number of Americans living below poverty level has increased to 15.6%.
      Source: 2010-1014 American Community Survey 5-year Profiles
  • In California 16.4% are living below poverty level.
  • In San Bernardino County, where the Mission operates, 18.7% are living below poverty level.



  • 13% of San Bernardino County residents  are "food insecure"—meaning they sometimes don't have access to the food they need.
  • That means there are 272,200 people in San Bernardino County who are at risk for not having enough nutritious food.
  • Of more than 60,000 people surveyed by Feeding America in 2013, 69% had been forced to choose between buying food and paying their utility bills.
  • 66% of those surveyed had to choose between buying food and getting medical care.

Hunger, homelessness and poverty are still serious problems in our affluent society.
At the City Mission, we're helping to fight them with compassion and the truth of the gospel.
Come, join us!