Helping people in Jesus' name


In keeping with the Christian foundation on which the City Mission was established, we request that our Christian Faith be respected.This restricts the making of any derogatory remarks, testimony or teachings, against Christianity.Likewise, to prevent any confusion or the creation of doubt, we reserve the right to limit any and all religious teaching that is contrary to this Faith.


Please wear appropriate clothing for your assignment!

  • Ladies—no low-cut blouses.
  • Shorts should be no higher than 4” above the knee (men or women).
  • No tight or sheer clothing.
  • Closed-toe shoes are best to protect your feet.
  • Dress appropriate for the weather (We don’t always have a/c, heat or dry areas to work in).
  • Working with dirty items could stain your clothes, so wear something you won’t have to worry about.


  • Maintain a positive, helpful attitude regardless of the other person’s behavior.
  • Cursing, obscenity and foul language are unacceptable.


  • Follow instructions, or make suggestions to staff team leader BEFORE completing a project “your” way.
  • Check in with your assigned staff member upon arriving AND before leaving for the day.
  • Please don't volunteer your time—and then spend it talking on your cell phone!
  • If you can’t make the volunteer time you’ve agreed upon, call us as soon as possible.
  • Be on time — we’re depending upon you!
  • When given a task, make sure to allow enough time to clean up and put tools away before leaving.


  • We maintain a non-smoking policy.If you need to smoke, walk far away from the building so that others who have asthma can still breathe.(Also, watch which way the wind is blowing to determine what is “far away.”) If you return from your break smelling of smoke, we will ask you to leave for the day—usually smokers can’t smell the nicotine on their clothing and hair, but others can.
  • Do not give your phone number or address to our guests no matter how “nice” they are or how “safe” you feel around them.