The San Bernardino City Mission is a Christian not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.

But really, we're so much more ...

Our mission is to help hungry, poor and destitute men, women and children transform their lives through the power of God in Jesus Christ.

Our strategy is to feed the hungry, help the homeless, provide family food boxes for the poor and needy, and offer referrals to long-term residential discipleship and rehabilitation programs for all who are in need.

Our method is to provide spiritual help for the people who come to us, while meeting their most urgent needs:

  • Hot meals at community outreach events
  • Bags of Hope with meals to take home
  • Family Food Box meals
  • Distribution of clothing and household items
  • Personal counseling
  • Devotion services, Bible studies, family restoration
  • Referrals to other service providers

Our commitment is to Jesus Christ and His call to serve the poor and needy.

Our values compel us to help the hungry, poor and homeless, treating them with respect, dignity and honesty, always serving with integrity and good stewardship.

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